E-Mark Certified

95% coverage

Quiet Braking


European Vehicle Programme is the first European Brake Friction manufacturer in Malaysian local market


FBK launched European Vehicle Program, EVP to support more than 7% of European Vehicle user in Malaysia. With over 30 years’ experience in brake friction manufacturer. European Vehicle Program (EVP) is a sub brand of FBK which provide you a solution for European origin vehicle brake pad and brake shoe. Our products are made from semi-metallic material which provide ultimate stopping power. It has a much higher thermal threshold due to its metallic content and specifically formulated materials that have been tested extensively to achieve maximum braking efficiency, long lasting and free of noise. 


EVP is meticulous car brake friction manufacturer and the most comprehensive product range of European brake pad. Our supreme quality of product, the in-depth nature of our processes, and exceptionally reliable quality and service are what sets us apart from the rest.